I am a technologist, who is passionate about building innovative solutions to challenging problems. A small selection of projects I have worked on are listed on the Projects page. I am currently a Senior Scientist at Siemens Medical Solutions, building solutions which combine the power of modern Medical Imaging with Computational Physics and Machine Learning. The goal is to go beyond anatomical quantification to patient-specific functional quantification, for better diagnosis and therapy planning.

I received my Undergraduate and Masters education in Chemical Engineering, with a focus on Applied Mathematics from the Indian Institute of Technology Madras and earned my Ph.D in Mechanical Engineering concentrating on Computational Science from the Johns Hopkins University, America’s first Research University. I did my Postdoctoral research in the Computational Earth Sciences group at LANL, in beautiful Los Alamos.

Patents Granted

  1. Method and system for functional assessment of renal artery stenosis from medical images

  2. System and method for patient specific planning and guidance of electrophysiology interventions

  3. Method and system for blood flow velocity reconstruction from medical images

  4. Synthetic data-driven hemodynamic determination in medical imaging

  5. System and method for patient specific planning and guidance of ablative procedures for cardiac arrhythmias

  6. Patient specific planning and simulation of ablative procedures

  7. Computation of hemodynamic quantities from angiographic data

  8. Method and system for advanced measurements computation and therapy planning from medical data and images using a multi-physics fluid-solid heart model